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> Tables are used extensively in most Widget libraries (like Dojo) for layout in
> order to get fidelity across browsers that authors cannot achieve through the
> use of CSS.

I'm not opposed to replacing the text "users of accessibility tools like screen
readers" with a rubric like "users of older accessibility tools that do not
support ARIA", but 

Can clients that do not support CSS present the users with the same content and
functionality? Can users still access all content and functionality when they
reject the author's styles in favour of their own preferences? Can users easily
reformat content that uses tables for layout with CSS or abstractions on top of
CSS, as required by WCAG2 1.3? I'm not convinced, but can you point to some
examples that demonstrate these properties?

If so, then it might be okay to allow tables to be used as layout aids *only*
when annotated with role="presentation".

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