[Bug 10345] hspace and vspace on HTMLImageElement are signed long in DOM 2 HTML. Was there a good reason for the incompatible change to unsigned long?


--- Comment #10 from Aryeh Gregor <Simetrical+w3cbug@gmail.com> 2010-10-03 16:23:32 UTC ---
Behavior when giving negative values for this sort of attribute is all over the
place.  Some browsers clamp, some browsers wrap, some ignore out-of-range
values, some do one thing sometimes and another thing other times.  The current
spec seems sane to me: make them unsigned longs in the interface, and unsigned
longs ignore out-of-range values in content attributes.  And the ones we don't
want to be 0 also ignore a content attribute of 0.  (Not so sure about the
reasonableness of throwing exceptions on IDL set, though, unless that
consistently happens on out-of-range IDL sets.)

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