[Bug 11324] Warning in /TR documents


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> 2- We propose the following change for the text:
> [[
>  This document is a snapshot of a work in progress! Between snapshots,
>  the HTML Working Group fixes bugs and experiments with new features in
>  the Editor's Draft.
> ]]

It's not clear how that is any improvement over the text that is already in the
warning and that has already been discussed on the public-html list. That text
is this:

This is a work in progress! 

For the latest updates from the HTML WG, possibly including important bug
fixes, please look at the <a>editor's draft</a> instead.

That text came directly from Maciej, in a message to the group:


…and he followed that up with a request to the group to indicate if anybody
had objections to the wording of that -


If everyone is ok with this wording, I think the right next step would be for
editors to provide updated Editor's Drafts that include it. Maybe Ian can go
first so other editors have an example to copy from. It seems the general
sentiment is in favor of a warning that shows up no matter where you are in the
draft, but can be hidden to avoid distraction.

…and nobody as yes has expressed any strong objections to that wording. There
are still some reservations about whether a persistent warning like this is the
best solution, but the prevailing agreement seems to be that it's acceptable at
least -- that most everybody can live with it and would not object to it

So unless there's some really compelling reason for the new wording proposed in
the description for this bug, I would suggest that we instead just continue to
use the existing wording that Maciej came up with and that's already been

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