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> Why do we want to remove WebSRT specifics? 

At this time the media sub-group of the Accessibility Task Force desire that
the language be as neutral and technology agnostic as possible. It is unclear
_at this time_ if WebSRT is sufficient for meeting all of the user requirements
and author needs that we have identified. We are currently evaluating a number
of time formats (WebSRT, TTML, etc.) to determine which, if any, best meets
these needs, which is why we are asking that folks review the user

> Why do we want to try and
> genericize the API, when there aren't currently plans to add additional timed
> text formats?

Curious to know where this assertion is coming from, as AFAIK this has never
been discussed within the W3C, and this is a topic that I have been following
most closely. Implementers might be experimenting with WebSRT today (and there
is usefulness in that), but at this time I do not believe a final decision has
been made to standardize on a specific time format.

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