[Bug 11199] Need standard way to creating heading "streams"


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> > (In reply to comment #5)
> > > ...like I said, your user agent can choose to separate out some types of
> > > headings for you automatically, if they occur in a <nav> or similar rather than
> > > just part of the normal document structure.
> > 
> > I understand but that's just guessing from the user agent. My understanding was
> > that HTML is to try to remove the guessing part from user agent by having a
> > clear and semantic format.
> I didn't say anything about guessing.  The fact that a heading is in a <nav>
> indicates that it's a heading for the navigation, not a heading for the main
> content.  Thus, a user agent wanting to present a list of all navigation
> headings can, without any guessing involved, grab all the headings in the
> <nav>.
> Similarly, a user agent could grab headings or links in <footer> separately.

What id the headings in nav and footer are in the same structure...then the
user agent would break the structure because it doesn't know what is really
going on.

In the web today, there is usually there type of content displayed on a
page...Site level content, page related content and content itself and as per
HTML 5, it's all mixed together.

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