[Bug 10455] Mint a describedby attribute for the img element


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> (In reply to comment #52)
> > I'm looking at the "solutions" provided, and none seem to meet the needs of
> > what Laura is asking for. 
> It does not impress me that you use irony.

Sorry, misplaced scare quotes. Consider them removed. 

> > On the one hand, Laura wants a simple, semantic solution whose use would
> rel="longdesc" is both simple and semantic. 
> > hopefully encourage its use. John and Matt further clarified that it can't
> > break existing uses (such as when an image is wrapped in a a link).
> Adding rel="longdesc" does not break @longdesc. 
> > On the other hand, whatever solution is provided, has to have a set of
> > _expectations_ associated with it so that UAs implement the solution's behavior
> > consistently.
> > 
> > The solutions I'm seeing about object and imagemap and so on are, sorry,
> > bordering on the arcane.
> Please note that it is rel="longdesc" that is the solution. Image maps (linked
> to <img> of <object> - or <canvas>) is just a possible way to implement the
> solution.
> > And they don't meet HTML5's underlying semantic  criteria. 
> What is "HTML5's underlying semantic criteria" ? 

It's the criteria used to justify adding 30+ elements and attributes. 

> I myself am inspired by HTML4, which says that the <map> element may contain
> anchor elements that renders outside the MAP for the purpose of accessibility -
> and HTML5 allows the same thing:
> ]]
> Block-level content. This content should include A elements that specify the
> geometric regions of the image map and the link associated with each region.
> Note that the user agent should render block-level content of a MAP element.
> Authors should use this method to create more accessible documents.
> [[ http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/struct/objects#edef-MAP

Above you said all that would be needed is rel=longdesc. But here you're
talking about using map. If map is part of the implementation, than more than
rel="longdesc" is needed. 

Where would this usage be defined, in such a way that we could set expectations
about what the UAs do?

In the meantime, these bug messages are showing up in the ally email list, but
they're showing up unthreaded, which makes them difficult to follow on that
list. That's why I wondered if this wouldn't be better as an email discussion.
An email discussion would seem to be more suited to what's happening.

But, that's just a suggestion. Feel free to ignore.

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