[Bug 10455] Mint a describedby attribute for the img element


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> I'm looking at the "solutions" provided, and none seem to meet the needs of
> what Laura is asking for. 

It does not impress me that you use irony.

> On the one hand, Laura wants a simple, semantic solution whose use would

rel="longdesc" is both simple and semantic. 

> hopefully encourage its use. John and Matt further clarified that it can't
> break existing uses (such as when an image is wrapped in a a link).

Adding rel="longdesc" does not break @longdesc. 

> On the other hand, whatever solution is provided, has to have a set of
> _expectations_ associated with it so that UAs implement the solution's behavior
> consistently.
> The solutions I'm seeing about object and imagemap and so on are, sorry,
> bordering on the arcane.

Please note that it is rel="longdesc" that is the solution. Image maps (linked
to <img> of <object> - or <canvas>) is just a possible way to implement the

> And they don't meet HTML5's underlying semantic  criteria. 

What is "HTML5's underlying semantic criteria" ? 

I myself am inspired by HTML4, which says that the <map> element may contain
anchor elements that renders outside the MAP for the purpose of accessibility -
and HTML5 allows the same thing:

Block-level content. This content should include A elements that specify the
geometric regions of the image map and the link associated with each region.
Note that the user agent should render block-level content of a MAP element.
Authors should use this method to create more accessible documents.
[[ http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/struct/objects#edef-MAP

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