[Bug 10455] Mint a describedby attribute for the img element


--- Comment #52 from Shelley Powers <shelleyp@burningbird.net>  2010-08-31 13:08:04 ---
It seems to me these discussions should be happening in the email lists, not a
bug. But that's up to the powers that be, I guess.

I'm looking at the "solutions" provided, and none seem to meet the needs of
what Laura is asking for. 

On the one hand, Laura wants a simple, semantic solution whose use would
hopefully encourage its use. John and Matt further clarified that it can't
break existing uses (such as when an image is wrapped in a a link).

On the other hand, whatever solution is provided, has to have a set of
_expectations_ associated with it so that UAs implement the solution's behavior

The solutions I'm seeing about object and imagemap and so on are, sorry,
bordering on the arcane. And they don't meet HTML5's underlying semantic

The solution for RDFa does have interest, especially if RDFa is used elsewhere
in the document (because the use would serve a dual purpose: accessibility and
"linked data" to use the hot new term). However, there is no place to define a
set of expected behaviors for the specific use of RDFa. It doesn't fit in RDFa,
it doesn't fit in HTML5, yet it uses pieces of both. 

Not being able to define expected behavior just means that the real purpose of
the markup--to ensure the description is easily accessible by those using AT,
and also provide a way to access it for folks not using an AT device--can't be

Benjamin, do you have a solution as to how expected behavior can be defined for
the uses of RDFa?

Again, though, even if a way to define expected behavior is provided, the
solution is not going to be attractive to folks not using RDFa for other
purposes in their document.

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