[Bug 10449] Consider allowing various command-like ARIA roles for h1-h6


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While I understand that HTML 5 take headings and uses them to create a table of
contents, in practice authors actually takes headings and repurpose them to
create widgets. Also, since headings are not tied to containers an author is
not forced to to use headings in a reliable structure the accurately portrays
heading levels. 

For example:

<H4>HTML 5 Specification </H4>
<H1>The HTML 5 Elements </H1>

There is nothing to prevent this. And there is nothing to prevent an author
from using script to override the head interaction. It supports tabindex and it
supports events and script.

Alternatively, if an author overrides the host language semantics and apply an
aria role to the element such that it accurately portrays the authors intent
such that it the element is no longer a header then that element should be
removed from the table of contents generated by the use agent.

So, the heading tags must be be able to be overriden unless HTML further
restricts their interactivity.

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