[Bug 9887] parsing algorithm should allow HTML content in MathML <annotation-xml>


--- Comment #21 from David Carlisle <davidc@nag.co.uk>  2010-08-19 21:42:30 ---
(In reply to comment #20)
> Oh another option is to just always assume <annotation-xml> is an HTML
> integration point (as we do with the <mo>/<mi>/etc elements), but then we
> wouldn't support the Content MathML stuff there, you'd have to give a <math>
> element to get back to MathML. I assume that's a non-starter.

Actually that was one of the other options the WG discussed earlier today.
Personally I think I may prefer it as it would have the good property (I think)
of meaning that if the annotation has well formed content it will always be
parsed completely, but perhaps have elements placed in the wrong namespace (if
<math> is not used)

For many uses that wouldn't matter (as the attribution isn't actually used,
it's just some mathml generating tool has added some annotations as possible
If you wanted to make the annotation render (I think) you'd have to use some
javascript to re-namespace the mathml elements back into the mathml namespace,
which is a bit of a pain but perhaps easy to explain (text/html parsing doesn't
really do xml namespaces) and certainly a lot easier to fix up than trying to
fix up the parse tree after the current html parser has forced the surrounding
math element to close.

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