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[Bug 7724] I would like to know: what is to become of the A element’s NAME attribute? I validated a HTML5 website that I am working this Wednesday (2009-09-23) which contained an A element with a NAME attribute: the W3C Markup Validator did not mind one bit. Howe

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--- Comment #1 from Jordan Clark <mail@jdclark.org>  2009-09-25 20:51:37 ---
Update (2009-09-25):

   I have just noticed that when you validate markup with
http://validator.w3.org using the "Validate by URI" or "Validate by File
Upload" modes, errors are generated for each occurrence of <A NAME="..."></A>.
However, the same markup passes with flying colours in "Validate by Direct
Input" mode(???).

   Which of these is the authoritative version? (Judging from the HTML5 spec at
present, I am assuming that the "Validate by Direct Input" mode is in the

Jordan Clark

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