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[Bug 7473] JimJJewett gmail: Mention explicitly that the mapping for foreign content -- including adopted MathML or SVG -- is left to those working groups. (Otherwise, I would have expected some strong native semantics for math to math)

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--- Comment #2 from Jim Jewett <jimjjewett@gmail.com>  2009-09-22 19:49:47 ---
It is more clear than it was a few months ago, but ... no, it still isn't as
obvious as it should be, because the HTML spec is still making changes and
clarifications to MathML and SVG as part of the embedding.

For example, in section 3.1.4:
 "HTML, SVG, and MathML elements define which classes they are in" 

or section 4.8.15 MathML:
 "User agents must handle text other than inter-element whitespace found in
MathML elements whose content models do not allow straight text by pretending
for the purposes of MathML content models, layout, and rendering that that text
is actually wrapped in an mtext element in the MathML namespace."

Given this, I believe it is appropriate to state that the svg and math elements
(and their children) -- even when embedded in a HTML document -- get all their
semantics (explicitly including their aria-* semantics) from the respective

In 4.8.15 and 4.8.16 it is enough to say that the semantics are unchanged.  

In the aria pullout section (3.2.6) there is an implication that all
aria/native semantics needed for a HTML agent are grouped together.  It should
be explicit that this is not the case, because there may be additional
semantics coming from the MathML or SVG specs.

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