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[Bug 7546] "HTML 5" Editor's draft misnamed and suboptimal for HTML content authors unless refactored into HTML (main) and DOM API (appendix).

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--- Comment #8 from Steven Rowat <steven_rowat@sunshine.net>  2009-09-22 18:35:30 ---
(In reply to comment #7)
> I disagree with the premise of this bug report. The spec isn't complex
> intentionally.....
> If you disagree, please escalate this to the chairs.

I do not believe the spec is complex intentionally; that is not a premise of
the bug report. Different people have different goals and skills; I'm pointing
out that the skills and goals of those described in the 10 use cases, which
I've just posted to the TAG [1], are different from those being served by
HTML5. I do not believe this comes about by nefarious intention; rather by
different belief systems, knowledge, and experiences in society. What may seem
like an advance to one set of people in HTML5 will effectively block another
set of people. I'm attempt to give them (and myself, who has been one of them
at times) a voice in the decision.   

In the 10 use cases discussion, which I researched after originally posting
this bug, I've come to the point of view that almost nothing can be done in the
current web architecture to fix this problem as I see it. In Van Jacobson's
terminology, the point-to-point architecture currently used is
"disenfranchising creators" [1,2].

So I agree now that your new WONTFIX is probably the best solution for this bug
at the present time. 

>If you disagree, please escalate this to the chairs.

And therefore escalation to the chairs would be inappropriate. I believe
escalation to the TAG is appropriate; hence essay [1].

Finally: in that essay I propose that W3C begin studying and thereafter
possibly actively moving to the CCN model [1]; and part of that proposal is
that appropriate hooks or enablers be placed into HTML5 so the
back-compatibility from CNN can be as smooth as possible. If the move to CNN
comes to pass, or seems increasingly likely to via a policy decision of the
TAG, then it would be appropriate for this bug to be reopened and then fixed by
such co-ordination.


[1] "Ten Use-Cases of Individual Content Authors Requiring Rights/Commerce
Metadata: success in HTML4; HTML5; and CCN"

[2] Interview with Van Jacobson, 2009: content-centric networking


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