Re: Implementation questions around HTML structural elements and ARIA Landmarks

On 25 March 2015 at 01:07, Cynthia Shelly <> wrote:

> For 1 & 2, we will be using a Group Control Type and a Localized Control
> Type that corresponds to the sectioning element or landmark.  Control type
> is the UIA equivalent of role.  Localized Control Type is what Narrator
> says when the user interacts with that control.  It is a user-facing string
> which will be localized.

a few questions; will sectioning/structural elements, for example:



<div role="main">

be able to be recognized as equivalent by the information exposed in UIA?
and treated as such by AT if they wish to?

In terms of <header> and <footer> are the semantics being exposed based on
their position in DOM (inside or outside of article/section) as other
browsers do?



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