Re: Second Call for Consensus--Reconfirm Longdesc Decision

Resending the following to refocus this thread and to remind everyone of
the important consensus call vote at Thursday's TF teleconference ...

Janina Sajka writes:

We have been requested to confirm the consensus on longdesc reached at
the Text Subteam teleconference this past Monday, 17 May.

We are further requested to confirm the Task Force consensus according
to the published Consensus Procedures document at:

Therefore, we will test for consensus on both resolutions approved by
the Text Subteam during our regular Task Force teleconference this
coming Thursday, 19 May.

If the consensus reached at the Text Subteam is confirmed during the
Thursday meeting, we will further open a WBS survey for three working
days beginning Thursday as provided for in the Consensus Procedures

We will vote on each resolution separately, just as was done in the Text
Subteam, so that it is possible to approve either, neither, or both. The
two resolutions are:

	The Task Force supports the Issue 30 Change Proposal at:

	The Task Force supports a Formal Objection escalation should it 
appear that HTML last call is to be published without the longdesc as 
in our supported proposal



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