RE: no-title CP - remarks

Steve Faulkner wrote:
> i see no good reason to have this information in the CP the
> main thrust of the issue is the very practical barrier that
> use of title presents:
> content that is meant to be be available to any user at any
> time, is only available to some users some of the time. It
> does not fulfill its primary purpose. Providing information
> about how title does fill the void left by lack of alt in some
> browsers only obsfucates the issue.
> ANY content is capable of being displayed on any browser that
> supports modern CSS, if the author decides to do it, this is
> NOT the issue, the issue is whether browsers provide input
> device independent access to title attribute content, they do
> not and none have indictaed their intention to do so. Again I
> find that the text above only serves to obsfucate the argument.

Leif, Steve, all,

For the most part I have remained outside of this discussion, listening
and watching with interest.  Leif I am sorry, but I must agree with Steve
here: spinning out hypothetical what-ifs simply because today web-kit is
doing non-standard pseudo repair does not address the fundamental issue.

I fear that, like in the alt text issue (Issue 30), that if we, the
"accessibility community" diverge too far from a core message, that not
only do we fracture our results (and ultimately potentially losing the key
win) but that we send the message of "see, even the accessibility
community can't agree".

Leif, it is true that with code, anything is possible. But Steve has
pressed the browser vendors hard on their plans of providing better
accessibility related support to @title and it appears quite clear to me
that we will not be seeing anything any time soon.  

In good conscience then, Leif I cannot support your assertions and
proposals in your version of the Change Proposal, and hope that
collectively we can support a single CP moving forward, although as Janina
has pointed out consensus does not mean unanimity.

Your friend,


Received on Thursday, 12 May 2011 14:53:52 UTC