RE: longdesc verbiage

Laura Carlson wrote:
> Ben and John, I think we are now just waiting to hear back from you
> two on the questions asked at:
> John, if you or anyone else thinks that the text in the "Other
> Changes" portion of the Details section is not specific enough can you
> provide verbiage that is more specific?

Ah, didn't know you were expecting a specific response. This looks fine 
Laura; the whole CP is in great shape. Kudos!

(one small observation, and certainly not a substantive issue: under Use 
Cases, from a formatting perspective would they not render better as an 
unordered list:

"They include:
  * Describing a Logo,
  * Describing a Cartoon,
  * Describing Artwork,
  * Describing Screenshots,
  * Describing a Chart,
  * Describing a Photograph,
  * Describing an Email Banner,
  * Describing Illustrations,
  * Facilitating etext Image Descriptions,
  * Describing etext Images,
  * and Describing a Newspaper Image.

Other use cases have also been identified."

Again however, not a big deal either way... I just like lists <grin>.)


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