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[Bug 12243] Warn when ARIA-describedby/-labelledby points to interactive/form associated content

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Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2011 23:52:53 +0000
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--- Comment #10 from Jonas Sicking <jonas@sicking.cc> 2011-04-22 23:52:52 UTC ---
First, section describes how to calculate a text alternative, not a
description which is what aria-describedby is. Section is what
describes how to get a description and only says:

"An accessible description may be computed by concatenating the text
alternatives for nodes referenced by an aria-describedby ... outlined below in
the section titled Text Alternative Computation"

So I see no requirements on that that is how it must be done. In other words, I
see no requirement that methods that produce more semantically rich
descriptions can't be used.

Second, where does section say to only use the text contents of the

Third bullet in step 2.A says

"Check for the presence of an equivalent host language attribute or element for
associating a label, and use those mechanisms to determine a text alternative".
Hence it says to use the native semantics of the elements unless overridden by
aria- attributes by the earlier two bullets.

Of course, the best would be if the spec editors clarified what they meant.
I.e. if they really wanted semantics to be dropped when following IDREFs in
aria-describedby etc.

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