Clinical Observations Interoperability, topics to discuss

Hi Vipul,

Kerstin and I appreciated the good discussion at the TC. However, we still think there is an open question regarding what our objective is, how to achieve the objective long term and how to exemplify a potential solution based on semantic web technology with the use case.
We therefore suggest some topics to discuss at the F2F meeting in Boston,

- Our understanding is that the objective for the "Clinical Observations Interoperability" group is to come up with a proposal how to facilitate secondary use of clinical observations (i.e. the data) across clinical practice and clinical trials. Our use case details one specific example.
We have tried to explain our view in the slid set at the wiki.
Does everybody agree about the objective?

- What we need is a solution that is robust over time; our personal experience is that mapping between items on different levels will not be sustainable.
At the TC Alan described how robust "concepts", e.g. parts of  existing concept system (terminologies), could be "promoted / established" to a domain level (ontology).  
We propose a discussion around if this approach can be used to establish domain models for areas of clinical observations? 

- If yes on previous question, we propose to use this approach when developing the use case. Is that doable?
If not, what solution is available that meet our requirement? 

We will try to call in and participate via phone.

Bosse and Kerstin

Received on Thursday, 8 November 2007 15:45:54 UTC