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Fwd: Classification of open datasets...

From: Bernadette Hyland <bhyland@3roundstones.com>
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2013 10:34:33 -0500
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Cc: W3C public GLD WG WG <public-gld-wg@w3.org>
To: Fadi Maali <fadi.maali@deri.org>, John Erickson <olyerickson@gmail.com>, Phil Archer <phila@w3.org>
Hi Fadi, John & Phil,
There is a detailed thread that Peter Krantz kicked off about open data set vocabularies on Friday (1-Mar).  It was sent to the euopendata@lists.okfn.org and public-egov-ig@w3.org list and not the public gld working group list (unfortunately).  

I encourage you to look at the thread in its entirety as people from EU & US are weighing on with a variety of answers and this is near & dear to the charter of the GLD WG.  Unfortunately, people have omitted the entire thread when responding but I'll forward some responses FYR.

Great example of where relevant guidance is required in context of what people are using today open data initiatives and describing gov't data sets.

Phi, Deirdre, Martin  -- This would be great material for a talk at the European Data Forum and/or Open Data on the Web workshop, both in April.  Just saying ...


Bernadette Hyland, co-chair 
W3C Government Linked Data Working Group
Charter: http://www.w3.org/2011/gld/

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> From: "koumenides c.l. (clk1v07)" <clk1v07@ecs.soton.ac.uk>
> Subject: RE: Classification of open datasets...
> Date: March 1, 2013 5:25:18 AM EST
> To: Peter Krantz <peter@peterkrantz.se>, "euopendata@lists.okfn.org" <euopendata@lists.okfn.org>, public-egov-ig <public-egov-ig@w3.org>
> Hi
> I suppose W3C's DCAT would be a candidate in this case. http://www.w3.org/TR/vocab-dcat/
> Regards,
> Christos
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> From: Peter Krantz [peter@peterkrantz.se]
> Sent: 01 March 2013 09:32
> To: euopendata@lists.okfn.org; public-egov-ig
> Subject: Classification of open datasets...
> Hi!
> Many countries are developing national portals with metadata about
> open datasets from the public sector. To make datasets easier to find
> and to lower the threshold for pan-european (or global) re-use it
> would be great if classification of datasets followed a shared
> taxonomy.
> There are many candidates that could be used, e.g. Eurovoc [1], NACE
> [2]. I would be grateful for any pointers if there is work going on to
> harmonize classification of datasets on a global or European level.
> Regards,
> Peter Krantz
> http://www.peterkrantz.com
> @peterkz_swe
> [1]: http://eurovoc.europa.eu/ - availabble as LOD
> [2]: http://ec.europa.eu/competition/mergers/cases/index/nace_all.html

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