Interoperability standard for the Spanish public bodies (based on DCAT)

Hi all,

As I mentioned in our last DCAT-specific meeting, I'm helping the
Spanish administration to write a normative document addressed to the
public bodies in Spain. This document is about publishing Open Data:
using persistent, friendly, coherent URIs; exposing using open
standard formats; using DCAT for describing
Catalogs/Datasets/Distributions; open licensing, etc.

A draft of this document is published on the Web (find attached), and
it's in process of regulation. My main concern is about the changing
parts of the DCAT specification, because we are running out of time
to make changes in the document. Although the document is in Spanish
(and very formal), you can see a rough UML (page 17) with the clases
and properties. Some of the variations are requirements of the
initiative. Apart from this legal document, there will be a document
with guidelines explaining how to carry on all this things.

Most of the properties have been taken from DC Terms, so stable. There
are not present the Distribution subclases so, their disappearance is
not a problem in this case. The properties I see "problematic" are the
ones in distribution:

* accessURL (used as a generic property for both direct and indirect downloads).
* mediaType (not in the spec yet)
* byteSize (not in the spec yet)

I suppose the rest is more or less "stable" and we can keep it without problem.

So my proposal is to prioritize the resolution of these issues. After
that, in a few months, all the open data catalogues in Spain will be
published following this vocabulary :-)

Best regards,


Martín Álvarez Espinar
Fundación CTIC

Received on Thursday, 31 January 2013 16:55:47 UTC