Org, Prov and RL - request for help

Hi all

I'm hoping someone can offer a quick bit of help, either by pointing me to a resource or replying with code direct. Yes - this is a request born of a combination of "downtime" laziness and being time poor during the working day.

What I'm after, in order to jumpstart one of my current work projects, is an example of Org and Prov that describes:

* A country (i.e. a geographical extent),
* containing a country (i.e a sovereign state bought into existance by a change event)
* which has a single government,
* which contains 3 levels of top children (Federal, State/Province, Local)
* The Federal level contains:
** Ministers,  with responsibility for a Portfolio of Functions (concepts?)
** A legally defined change event with a formal instrument (document) which creates Portfolio Departments and Agencies in line with Ministerial roles
** A Portfolio Agency within the above structure (well, technically below) which has hierarchical sub units, defined roles, people, sites etc.

Project is web based, so while standard RDF etc will of course of primary (to import into Callimachus, Protoge etc) interest, bonus points and fawning gratitude will be awarded for XHTML with RDF, and RDFa.

Project will use Drupal to leverage RDFa.

Credit will be formally given (in code comments, readme files and online) of course. If really generic I'd also propose that it go on the wiki etc as a generic example since the above is pretty much any government anywhere and so represents a critical resource for implementers.

Oh - and for those I haven't met - I'm in Australia - so extra jackpot points and your name of my Christmas card list for any/all of examples such as:
* Commonwealth countries
* Westminster system of government
* Federation of States

If this hasn't been done at all and anyone in group in producing something collaboratively,  let me know here!


Chris Beer
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Received on Wednesday, 17 October 2012 22:15:52 UTC