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On 12/10/2012 15:17, James McKinney wrote:
> On 2012-10-12, at 3:41 AM, Phil Archer wrote:
>> I will be able to spend more time on ADMS next week (not today - deadline looming). But just a quick note to answer your point, James - the spec doc defines the concepts, not the RDF realisation of them. The actual schema (which needs updating a little) is at and is uses a lot of dcterms, just like DCAT. It defines very few classes and properties in its own namespace. An XML schema also exists in the original EU publication too.
> Should this WG be reviewing now, or is that out of scope / does that come up later?

There has already been some review of it - and I have yet to revisit 
those comments and act on them (too much to do, too few hours in the 
day). But, I plan to have it done before next week's meeting, preferably 
in the early part of the week. I'm not travelling next week so there's a 
chance I might actually make it :-)




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