Re: ORG: proposed Last Call draft for review

On 04/10/12 14:59, Phil Archer wrote:
> On 02/10/2012 09:34, Phil Archer wrote:
> [..]
>>> May I therefore propose a slightly different course of action?
>>> How about drafting a “boilerplate vocabulary conformance section” in
>>> the wiki, with an eye towards using it (with variations where
>>> appropriate) in all our vocabularies, but also with an eye towards
>>> proposing it as something that's potentially applicable beyond GLD?
>>> Phil, do you want to take a first stab at this wiki page?
>> Sure, I can take that on.
> Done

I suspect the final bullet point is a little too specific to ORG, and 
not needed in the general template.

I've changed the phrasing in ORG slightly in responding to two of 
Richard's review comments. If you are happy with those changes then we 
could update the wiki template.


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