Introduction: Jindrich Mynarz

Hi all,

I'd like to continue with the introductions by introducing myself. I'm
sorry I wasn't able to do that properly during the today's call. Since
I was busy setting up the configuration of the W3C's telecon platform,
I enjoyed the call only as a passive participant.

I work on applying the principles of linked open data to the domain of
public procurement. This work is a part of my PhD at the University of
Economics, Prague (a W3C member) and my responsibilites as a member of
the LOD2 project [1]. For the purpose of describing data in this
domain we created the Public Contracts Ontology [2]. Since a key part
of the work of this working group is focused on vocabularies (so far,
the WG seems to me like a "rigorous VoCamp"), I think the ontology
might benefit from the practices of vocabulary development pioneered
in this group.

I hope I'll be able to contribute to this WG with my humble knowledge
of government linked data. I think I may offer some help with the
tasks Phil Archer has mentioned during the today's telecon.




Jindrich Mynarz

Received on Friday, 5 October 2012 07:10:46 UTC