Re: ORG: proposed Last Call draft for review

On 1 Oct 2012, at 09:58, Dave Reynolds wrote:
> (2) ORG has a couple of references to the OPMV vocabulary. I considered whether these should be changed to use PROV-O [1]. Technically that would be easy, for those parts used in ORG then PROV-O is basically the same as OPMV except for names. However, PROV-O is still at WD stage so if we made that a dependency we would be blocked waiting for PROV-O to proceed.  When PROV-O is published it seems likely that someone will provide mappings between it and OPMV, in which case our use of OPMV would automatically be compatible with PROV-O.

PROV-O is in Last Call, and its LC feedback period has in fact already ended. It might be worth asking PROV-WG for an estimate of the next publication date, and whether that's likely to be another WD or a CR.


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