Re: ISSUE-12 (valuesForDataFormat): What values to use to describe formats of dcat:Distribution? [DCAT]

I'm getting some push-back from gov data publishers on using DBpedia 
sadly (it's third party, it's not real, it's not stable, not like all 
our wonderful government department Web sites that sometimes stay on 
line for whole months!). The PROMOM effort that Dave has highlighted 
looks like the kind of thing they'd like more - government agency to 
government agency - as long as there's no ".uk" anywhere in the URIs I 

How about "use a stable URI scheme for file formats if available, 
falling back to the MIME type if not available" ?


On 10/02/2012 15:06, John Erickson wrote:
>>> The Right Thing to do would be to get IETF to mint URIs for all media
>>> types, and get ESRI to register a media type for their file format, etc.
>>> This may not be feasible.
> ...or maybe we could just follow the same, de facto convention we've
> been following of using URIs from A Certain Third party:
> ...etc. ;)


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