W3C Web Games Summary for February 9th meeting

Greetings everyone!

Thank you to everyone who joined today’s Web Games call. It was great to
speak to you all and listen to the talks from the speakers!

🧐 The full minutes are available here

Today’s call focused around web content embedded in native mobile
platforms. Some highlights:


   Alicia Nie (聂蔚青) from Tencent spoke about the WeChat mini game runtime:

      They believe by creating a subset of valid HTML, CSS and JS – and
      creating additional APIs – they’ve been able to achieve a more optimised
      runtime specifically for games.

   Andre Bandarra from Google spoke about 3 runtimes for web content:

      Andre walked us through the major differences of three APIs available
      on Android for embedding web content: WebView, Chrome Custom Tabs and
      Trusted Web Activities. He also hinted at the potential of a future API
      called WebLayer
      that might be the best of both worlds for WebViews and games.

   Jacob Clark from the BBC spoke about their cross platform HTML5 runtime
   that they leverage across native and the web:

      This talk highlighted some of the remaining blockers that the BBC
      feel prevent them from fully embracing Trusted Web Activities as their
      runtime for games – specifically around durable storage and
other APIs such
      as haptic feedback.

Some follow-up topics / requests:


   Alicia from Tencent suggested they can provide benchmarks comparing the
   performance of their mini game runtime with the embedded webviews of the
   iOS and Android platforms.

   Jacob it would be great if you could provide some more details on the
   exact requirements you’re looking for in relation to the durable storage
   topic that you raised.

   A request for all the speakers (Alicia, Andre and Jacob) – would you be
   able to share the decks you presented?

   A question for Alicia, are you happy for us to ask more in-depth
   technical questions on the mailing list regarding your
   engine/runtime/framework works? This might be a better format for digging
   into the details.

Our next meeting will be on April 13th at an EMEA+AMER friendly time.
Likely 9am PST (6pm CET).

Thank you everyone and especially the speakers!


Francois, Noël and Tom

Tom Greenaway | Developer Advocate | Chrome & Web | Google France

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