Re: GDC Presentation on latest open web tech for games

Sounds like a fun pipe dream... going to kickstart it as well? ;)


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> Fair point. Your idea might work equally well. A strong game studio  
> working together with all browser vendors to develop an incredibly  
> sophisticated console quality game. Some thoughts:
>   *   it will take considerably longer to implement due to discussion  
> and implementation with multiple vendors, => thus larger on budget
>   *   might be interesting if each browser vendor contributes one strong  
> dev to actively work on the game
>   *   As the game will be cutting edge, it will not be available for a  
> large mainstream audience at launch, so there has to be other incentives  
> for the participating game studio
> All in all: Apple, Microsoft, Google, Mozilla and Opera each send one  
> dev, game studio contributes 4 other devs + art/design/management.  
> Strong focus on cutting edge features, browser vendors commit to help  
> with experimental features and builds. Must work together to deliver a  
> console-quality game and the right specs for others to deliver the same  
> games in the near future.
> This could be fun :)
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> Betreff: Re: GDC Presentation on latest open web tech for games
> That's actually quite a cool idea, although I think it would be even  
> cooler if the browser vendors all got together with a game studio to  
> make an awesome game without the focus on HTML5 PR. The only issue with  
> everyone going alone is that it will just come down to who has the  
> biggest budget.
> I'm really keen on getting the browsers all working together on a  
> consistent approach to games and at least the communication surrounding  
> it.
> Rob
> Paul Bakaus wrote:
> Great talk! I watched the whole rehearsal :)
> <random thought>
> Inspired by it, I've been thinking that there should be a race for  
> browser vendors on games to understand real world problems – every  
> browser vendor needs to pick a game studio to work with and then produce  
> the best game with their own browser features until the end of the year  
> (or some date). The audience decides the winner in the end, and as a  
> side effect, each browser will have matured along and the world has a  
> couple great games. Ha!
> </random tought>
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> A rehearsal video for the presentation I gave at GDC on the latest news  
> for games web tech is online:
> Notes from the presentation:

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