keyboard layout + acceptable keys


first, i love the initiative. just an idea i havent seen in

* expose keyboard layout
  * use case: the users uses AWSD keys to move the player.
  * issue: it works on qwerty, but not with others keyboard layout
  * example: on azerty, it should be QZSD keys

* expose the keys i can receive in a webpage
  * use case: the webpage cant know which keys may be trigger a dom events
  * example: it isn't possible to receive ctrl+f on most browser as it
intercepted by the browser for search
  * example: it isn't possible to receive cmd+esc on macos as it is
intercepted by the os for front-row
  * It makes keys binding quite hard in practice. it requires to test all
browser/os combinations...


Received on Friday, 14 October 2011 22:12:02 UTC