Re: [css-transforms][svg11] Effect of perspective and 3D transform on SVG bounding box

On Oct 16, 2013, at 6:46 AM, "Robert O'Callahan" <<>> wrote:

Another approach, which is actually what Gecko currently does by accident, is to make SVG's "transform" attribute affect an SVG element's contribution to its parent's bounding box, but make CSS transforms not affect the element's contribution to its parent's bounding box.

That is what the SVG spec says currently just because CSS Transforms didn't exist at the time. It doesn't sound very intuitive though. I think we want to encourage people to use style sheets and CSS in general and not to rely on a specific attribute from SVG and cascade (presentation style) from CSS.

IIRC WebKit and Blink do include the CSS Transform in the bounding box. But then again, both just have 2D support and strip 3D components out.


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