[web-animations] API sketch for updated Player behaviour

Hi again,

Following up the previous post[1] with a sketch of how the API for 
Option C might look:

interface Player {
              attribute TimedItem? source;
     readonly attribute Timeline   timeline;
              attribute double     startTime;
              attribute double     currentTime;
     readonly attribute double     timeLag;
              attribute double     playbackRate;
     readonly attribute boolean    paused;
     readonly attribute boolean    ended;
     void cancel ();
     void finish ();
     void play ();
     void pause ();
     void reverse ();

Members of interest:

* currentTime - unchanged, you can still set it to anything you like 
(although we'll need to revisit the definition of effective current time 
but that's a separate discussion)

* timeLag - unchanged but incorporates time lag accumulated due to 
"auto-pausing" behaviour outlined in the previous post.[1]

* paused - now readonly and we use play() / pause() to update its state 
much like HTMLMediaElement

* ended - this is taken from HTMLMediaElement. It gets set whenever 
currentTime >= source.endTime (unless I guess playbackRate < 0 and 
currentTime == source.endTime?) This is asymmetrical--it doesn't get set 
when you finish playing in reverse, but that's also how it works in 

* cancel() - sets source to null. Causes all animation effects produced 
by this player to be cleared.

* finish() - jQuery has this and I've sometimes wanted it. Not sure what 
it should do when playbackRate < 0 but for the forwards case, it seeks 
to source.endTime.

* play() - unpauses if paused is true. In HTML, if you're ended it seeks 
back to the start. I think we should probably do that here for 
consistency even though I don't like these operations that produce very 
different behaviour whether you call them 1ms before or after the player 
   Not sure what we should do if:
     - currentTime > source.endTime and playbackRate < 0 -- suggest we 
seek to source.endTime
     - currentTime < 0 and playbackRate < 0 -- do nothing? or seek to 
     - currentTime < 0 and playbackRate > 0 -- suggest we seek to 0
     - playbackRate = 0 -- do nothing I guess
   HTML only does restart behaviour when playback is forwards but we 
might want to deviate from that depending on how we define reverse.

* pause() - sets paused to true (and follows all the steps associated 
with that)

* reverse() - sets playbackRate to -playbackRate.
     If the new playbackRate < 0 and currentTime > source.endTime, seeks 
to source.endTime.
     If the new playbackRate > 0 and currentTime < 0, seeks to 0.

     Note that the above means that calling reverse() twice is not 
always a no-op, but the cases where it isn't are fairly rare 
(specifically only when we seek outside the content range or shorten the 
source content after ending).

Suggestions are most welcome.

Best regards,


[1] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-fx/2013OctDec/0059.html

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