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Minutes 2015-03-25 Steven Pemberton (Wednesday, 25 March)

Review of XPath Expressions Module (Wednesday, 25 March)

Agenda 2015-03-25 ONE HOUR EARLY IN EUROPE Steven Pemberton (Wednesday, 25 March)

Minutes 2014-03-18 Steven Pemberton (Wednesday, 18 March)

Agenda 2015-03-18 ONE HOUR EARLY IN EUROPE Steven Pemberton (Wednesday, 18 March)

ACTION-2017 - Add dialog to list of grouping elements that receive focus events Erik Bruchez (Wednesday, 18 March)

status of work Liam R. E. Quin (Thursday, 12 March)

Minutes 2015-03-11 Steven Pemberton (Wednesday, 11 March)

Agenda 2015-03-11 ONE HOUR EARLIER IN EUROPE Steven Pemberton (Wednesday, 11 March)

Europeans: Call one hour earlier today! Steven Pemberton (Wednesday, 11 March)

ACTION-1994: Make all exceptions into errors Erik Bruchez (Wednesday, 11 March)

No call today Steven Pemberton (Wednesday, 4 March)

Regrets for call today (Wednesday, 4 March)

ACTION-1993: Analyse which events should also go to dialog Erik Bruchez (Tuesday, 3 March)

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