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Review of XPath Expressions Module

From: <alain.couthures@agencexml.com>
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2015 15:34:16 +0100 (CET)
To: Public Forms <public-forms@w3.org>, "public-xformsusers@w3.org" <public-xformsusers@w3.org>
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At 4.3.6 The serialize() Function:
* the links for  [XSLT and XQuery Serialization 3.0]
 and [XPath and XQuery Functions and Operators 3.0]
 are pointing back to the XPath Expressions Module
* the example is referencing an instance named 'serialization' which is not
present. Would that be something like this?

<output:method value="xml"/>
<output:version value="1.0"/>
<output:indent value="yes"/>

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