status of work

I'm starting (finally) to look into the XForms Working Group in more 
detail; I'm really sorry it's taken so long.

It seems we have a Working Group that actually meets, at least 
occasionally, and that somewhere there is a draft of XForms 2.

I'm working on renewing charters for all the XML Working Groups right 
now, and have the opportunity to include XForms in the XML Activity.

To do that, I need to figure out,

(1) who is chairing the work now?
(2) what deliverables are planned, and to what schedule?

How about,
    July 2015 - XForms 2.0 Last Call
    Sept 2015 - XForms 2.0 enters CR
    Nov  2015 - leave CR, process comments
    Jan 2016 - Proposed Rec
    Apr 2016 - Recommendation

Any ideas welcome. Steven did send me some mail a while ago with 
answers to other questions I'd asked - at that time (October) W3C 
management agreed to extend the Forms charter as-is until we 
rechartered XML, and include it in XML, but the extension din't happen 
in the end. So I'm doing it now.



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