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[Xsltforms-support] Is XForms a failure to learn from?

ACTION-1979 - Send mail listing options for the bind to multiple types problem

Agenda 2014-10-01

Agenda 2014-10-08

Agenda 2014-10-22

Concerns related backwards compatibility in XForms 2.0

Feedback on the caseref feature

header/@name and @value

instance @src and @resource

Is XForms a failure to learn from?

Minutes 2014-10-01

Minutes 2014-10-08

Minutes 2014-10-22

Minutes of Editorial Meeting 2014-10-31

Next section to review: 8

Probable regrets for tomorrow's call

Review of section 7

Review of XForms 2.0 section 4

Review of XForms 2.0 sections 4-6

Typos in XForms 2.0 examples

XForms 2 review of sections up to 7

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