Concerns related backwards compatibility in XForms 2.0


During the XForms editorial meeting concerns related related backwards compatibility in XForms 2.0 were expressed.

More exactly with providing the type information to the XPath engine when the instance data node is invalid related to its type (eg: a + b could result in a dynamic error in XForms 2.0 apposed to NaN in XForms 1.1).

In XPath 2.0 you have a compatibility mode to make the transition from Xpath 1.0 to Xpath 2.0 smoother (i.e.: expressions run in compatibility mode behave closer to what was the case in Xpath 1.0 then if they were ran in the normal Xpath 2.0 mode). The question arrises if we need a way to trigger the Xpath 2.0 compatibility mode.

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Received on Friday, 31 October 2014 22:12:25 UTC