Re: Chrome about to remove XSLT from browser


Hadn't seen this, but here is a relevant thread:!topic/blink-dev/zIg2KC7PyH0

The main concern seems to be the relative footprint of the code given
the little real usage XSLT has in the browser.

The reality as I read it is that XSLT is not deemed a web technology
with a future so has no place in the browser and should be removed.
But I wonder why it's not simply put in those terms?

With the advent of web components [1], I personally don't see a need
for XSLT as a required implementation technology for XForms in the



On Wed, Oct 9, 2013 at 9:21 AM, John Boyer <> wrote:
> Hi XForms WG!
> I just ran across a news item, maybe old news to all of you(?), that XSLT is
> near to be removed from the Chrome browser.
> I've heard the conjecture that it may have to do with Google not indexing
> XML that has PIs, so this removal would help speed the transition to JSON.
> It's hard to figure out what problem might have been solved by not indexing
> XML with PIs, and it's harder to figure out how a simple syntactic
> translation to JSON might fix whatever that problem was.  Maybe it was just
> a bad conjecture, but I haven't heard any others yet.
> Any thoughts on why this removal might be under consideration?
> Is this alarming or not really of concern for XForms?
> Thanks,
> John Boyer

Received on Wednesday, 9 October 2013 17:17:58 UTC