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Agenda for 2010-12-01

Agenda for 2010-12-08

Agenda for 2010-12-15 if there is a quorum

Agenda for 2010-12-21

Belated regrets, Re: Draft minutes for 2010-12-01

Draft minutes for 2010-12-01

Draft minutes for 2010-12-22

Fwd: New last call for CSS 2.1

Implementors please read: poll about select1 and empty values

Input controls and datatypes


IRC Minutes 2010-12-15

Late joining today's call

Possible regrets

Possible regrets for this week's call (eom)

Proposition for JSON internal storage for XForms

Regrets again for this week's call (eom)

Regrets for today's telecon

regrets for tomorrow's telecon [eom]

Regrets Re: Agenda for 2010-12-08

Status Forms WG

W3C HTML/XML Task Force

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