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Hi Kurt,

Great work! Personally I'm not completely convinced that we couldn't extend XBL 2.0 for our 'component framework'. There are already multiple XForms implementations that have a component framework 'based' on XBL 2.0. One publicly available good example is Orbeon ( ), there are some issues that still need to be tackled in most XBL based XForms component frameworks, but good progress has been made in the last years.

Personally I think we could at least borrow some concepts of XBL, possible candidates for me could be:

*         Extended version of xbl:attr taking an XPath expression for accessing attributes of the bound element (instead of using the param construct)

*         Encapsulations rules (we probably want to extend the mechanism)

o   Support for local instances/models

Maybe we could create our own 'version' in our namespace, but we need to think twice before doing so. I'm also not that conferrable with creating our own 'transform' language which will be a stripped down xslt (I feel more for re-using XSLT).

Maybe would could talk about this at one of the next telecons.


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While I'm not likely to respond to all Action items with such alacrity, today was quiet, so I thought I'd post my thoughts:

I'll continue laying out a fuller normative section, but I'd be interested in thoughts that others might have on this.

Kurt Cagle
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