Re: Straw poll on name of "streamlined syntax" spec

Hi Uli,

> I prefer XFormsA and oppose to FormsA
> Even more I'd prefer something like XForms Basic, but that's already in
> use for a profile. I find the uppercase "A" a bit awkward, but a
> lowercase "a" is even more awkward, and "-a" is expected to perform
> badly in terms of Google searches. Maybe XForms Compact could do the trick.

I agree with you 110%. :)

When we first started talking about this, I always saw the project as
more of an "XForms-lite", or "XForms Tiny" type thing. Those kinds of
names -- and your "XForms Compact" -- convey the sense of the spec
being an easy on-ramp, at the same time that it is part of the big,
happy, XForms, family.

If I had to pick a preference, I'd probably go for XForms-lite.

But I would also flag up the fact that we don't necessarily need a new
name at all.

This is because most web developers have not even heard of XForms. So
creating a new document that describes a set of 'on-ramp' features,
does not necessarily require us to come up with a new name for this
spec. In fact, this new spec could just be an XForms Primer, or some
such, that prioritises the on-ramp features in the interests of
gaining wider interest in XForms amongst web developers and the Ajax



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