Regrets so far: None
Start Time: 10:45am Eastern US (15:45Z, except 14:45Z during US DST)
Duration: 90 minutes

Previous minutes:
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Minute takers rotation list, when not done by Leigh:
Kenneth/MarkS, MarkB/Paul, Raman, Susan, Nick, Keith, 
Ulrich/Sebastian, Rafael/Rogelio, Charlie, Steven, Erik

* = be ready to discuss

REPORTS (5 minutes)
Upcoming telecons

Next FtF

The Forms Newsletter/News items

XForms 1.1
- Submission headers fix
- Implementation report progress?

XForms Basic 1.0, 1.1

Rich Web Application Backplane

ACTION ITEMS (5 minutes)
Action Item List:

* Leigh and Kenneth: 1.0 Basic impl report? 

BUG FIX ISSUES (0 minutes)

The meaning of message

The repeat-* attributes

Forms Task Force
- Latest:
- Architecture alignment strawman:

Fix our shortname issue

Marketing of XForms

* Streamlined syntax module (continued)

- FPWD action items? (shortname request?, namespace?, pubrules, resolution 

- startsize: signaling repeat form controls
- The increase() and decrease() operations
- .value, what about pe-value?
- setfocus()
- getRuntimeElementById()

- datatype, required, constraint
- readonly
- calculate
- relevant
- Expression context

- submission attributes, esp. prune, source, target
- Additional form control attributes (label, help, hint, alert, etc.)
- Need full section on incremental adoption of element modules

- Does the table sample need to be improved with styling
- Need a primer for authors, referenced in the abstract and intro

* Responding to Ian Hickson post

* Review of Bind Module

* Review Data Island Module

Currency data values, etc.

Review of XPath Functions Module
- Review new organization before splitting
- Issues in

We should automate boolean-from-string() on the boolean MIPs (relevant, 
readonly, constraint)

Validity notification on initial or hidden data
- Isn't it about time we add an xforms-control-initialize event?
- Seems we need it for modularization to work right
- Defer to face to face meeting

The xforms-link-exception
Discussed Aug. 20, 2008. Need to dispatch xforms-link-error to 
instance rather than link-exception to model. For legacy, if the
link-error bubbles up to model, it could throw link-exception, but
then the author can prevent the exception by cancelling the error
Note: xforms-link-error is not currently cancellable

xforms-submit-done response-body and host language submission result 
Discussed 21 May 2008; perhaps only for replace="none"
Concern was about efficiency.  Could add "want-response-body" default 
false in
xforms-submit, then if turned true the response-body would be non-empty in 
xforms-submit-done.  Host language could then push response-body content 
a new window.

XForms 2.0
Refactor dependencies to detect automatic rebuild conditions and reduce 
circular dependencies

Make progress on Model improvements (optional model, nested model, 
external model)


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