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I was also present, in charge of  the poor minutes ;-)


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Hi John,

We finished the call a bit earlier then normal, but we were a bit short on
participants (only Charlie, Nick_van_den_Bleeken, wellsk, Rafael  where

We weren't able to tackle the following items:

* Submission Validation issue : We thought the extra event context info with
the value that isn't valid is easy, but didn't know how to solve the CSS

* Dynamic dependencies : We think that a further look to the dependency
engine is required, but there were no candidates

I will reply to the recursive tree display message

We resolved to add a wrapper element called form (with action and method
attributes), Charlie and I just thought of the element just implying a model
and not being a model, to enable us to move nested models requirement to
XForms 2.0 (the events will capture and bubble to the implicit model which
is a child of the form element.

I will look-up the spec ready text related to 'Implied submission with form
tag and/or with submit' and will add some text for the implied submission
created by the action and method attribute on the form element.


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