TELECON AGENDA - 16 JAN 2008 (90 minutes)

Regrets so far: Erik, Nick

Previous minutes:
IRC supplement:

Minute takers rotation list, when not done by Leigh:
Susan, Joern, Ulrich, Blake, Nick, Kenneth, 
Rogelio, David, Rafael, MarkB, Keith, Charlie, MarkS, 
Raman, Sebastian, Erik

Latest Action Item List:

Action item rotation list (when no volunteers):
Erik, Keith, Joern, John, Kenneth, Leigh, MarkB, 
MarkS, Nick, Rafael, Raman, Rogelio, Sebastian, Steven, 
Susan, Ulrich, Blake, Charlie

* = to be discussed

REPORTS (1 minutes)

Upcoming telecons

* Next FtF
Feb. 1 virtual day plus Feb. 4-6 in North Carolina; Details page needed.
Registration is broken

The Forms Newsletter - end of Jan. 2008

XForms 1.1

XForms Basic 1.0, 1.1

Rich Web Application Backplane

BUG FIX ISSUES (5 minutes)
* XForms 1.1 Default Style for Form Controls

Offlist ping about answer for charset and encoding (action MarkB on May 2)

Non-selected case and non-relevant group

XForms 1.1 CR Typos

XForms 1.0 TE: Issue with bibliography link

* Yahoo!

* Input Mode Issues
- Incomplete example in inputmode Appendix
- Completion of action for issue 106, input mode

Fix our shortname issue

Access control WD review


* Continue triage of future features

Requirements for XForms 1.2 (MarkB, Nick, Sebastian)

Requirements for XForms 2.0 (?)

Incremental attribute for selection="open" select1/select controls
Entering new possible choices for the control; 
This seems like a new feature request because it pushes new items into the 

Events on startup; events for other UI creation scenarios
E.g. could use more intelligent controls.

The meaning of message

The repeat-* attributes

We should allow the result of calculate to be cast according to the 
assigned datatype,
e.g. no need to call boolean-from-string() if calculate assigns to a 
boolean node.

Single-Node Binding and UICommon* on case element

Better align case with group and switch with select1

Repeat and page view

Extended Actions

multiple schemas targeting same namespace (unresolved when discussed at
COMMENT: The spec restricts a model to one schema per namespace

Parallel trees

Need to distinguish types of bindings

The Next Face-to-face AGENDA

(Agenda ends)


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