Re: First draft of XML Data Module

Hi Charlie,

This is great! Nice work.

Of course the problem is that it sparks further ideas, and I know we
have to stop somewhere...but anyway, I'll throw out this idea and you
can see what you think.

What about having the @type attribute, and using it in the same way
that it is used in <script>. We could say that the default value is
"text/xml", in order to make it backwards-compatible with current uses
of xf:instance in XForms.

But it would open up the possibility in the future of having instances
that are plain text, JSON, and so on.

It would also give us a value that could be used as a hint to the
processor about what to use in the accept headers when making the GET
request for the document identified by @src/@resource.

Anyway...that's a separate discussion, and I certainly think that the
module as it stands is nice and clear, and well demarcated.



On Mon, Aug 11, 2008 at 9:57 PM, Charles F Wiecha <> wrote:
> Here's the first cut at refactoring <instance> alone out of the XForms
> Instance module.  I have a couple of questions inline as editorial
> comments, namely:
> 1. How do we want to handle xforms-link-exception?  Normally it's targeted
> at <model>.  I suggest here it targets <instance> since this module can be
> used alone.  Do we depend on it bubbling to <model> when used there?  Do we
> create a new event just for this module?  If so, should we change the name?
> 2. What's the consensus in terms of supporting schemas on data instances?
> Again, when used alone (no model) it might be useful to allow for schemas,
> for built-in types, for in-line type references.  No bind constraints of
> course.  My sense is not to do this but I'm just checking...
> 3. What about the name?
> 4. How should I reference Common attributes?
> We can discuss on the list or schedule some time on Wed for the
> above...Charlie
> (See attached file: index-all.html)
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