Re: First drafts of XPath functions module and Binding attributes module now done

Hi John,

I do apologise...again. :)

I misread this:

  The function library for XPath expressions includes the entire
[XPath 1.0] Core
  Function Library, including operations on node-sets, strings, numbers, and

For some reason I interpreted it to mean that 'this library' included
the XPath core functions, alongside the additional functions that
'this library' defines.

But on re-reading I realise that this sentence is merely setting the
scene for the next sentences:

  The following sections define additional functions that are required
to implement
  by this module: 2.1 Boolean Functions, 2.2 Number Functions, 2.3
String Functions,
  2.4 Date and Time Functions, 2.5 Node-set Functions and 2.6 Object Functions.
  Other modules of the consuming profile may add more functions to the
function library.

I.e., 'XPath defines some core functions, and here we're extending them'.

Other than a minor typo ("required to implement by this module") I see
that everything is indeed how you say it apologies again!



> Still not understanding the crux of the argument here.
> The XForms XPath function library is a set of functions that can be used
> with anything that supports XPath core... which is *required* to include the
> core XPath functions.
> Separate issue: I haven't called it the "XForms" XPath function module but
> rather just "an" XPath function library.  Calling it the "XForms" library
> has two problems.  First, that library isn't the complete set, but only the
> base set that could be used across all modules of XForms.  Second, it causes
> people to think they can only use the functions if they are doing XForms.  I
> know I'm preaching to the preacher here, but I just wanted to clarify for
> all consumers of this thread.
> Cheers,
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