RE: Quick Guide to Publishing a Thesaurus on the Semantic Web

> Why mention the relational database at all? I can't see its 
> relevance to
> what follows. Although I acknowledge that storage in a relational
> database does seem to make it more difficult to produce flat text file
> outputs.
> Stella

I think it is worth mentioning relational databases.

When I did the conversion of an English Heritage thesaurus last year as part of SWAD-Europe work (see [1]) I used comma delimited files that were a direct output of the relational tables in which the thesaurus is stored.  Thus I was working on a transformation from a relational structure to a graph structure, and I needed to understand the relational schema which constrained the source data.




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> How's this:
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> Most thesauri are managed via a thesaurus management system.  
> Where the
> thesaurus management system stores its data in a relational 
> database, or
> in an XML or structured text file format, or where the standard output
> of the thesaurus management system is an XML or structured 
> text format,
> it is usually possible to create an RDF representation of the 
> thesaurus
> via an automated procedure (e.g. database report, text 
> parsing program,
> XSLT transformation). </snip>
> ??
> Cheers,
> Al.
> P.S. I'm becoming aware that the Quick Guide could be an awful lot
> better, and want to have a good look at it in the next publication
> iteration, but I think the thing for now is to get this published and
> then use it as a base for comment and feedback :)

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