Re: Math formula and accordian

>> [...] With such support we can expect next year good support on
>> MathML on the Android and Windows platform.
> But only in browser-engine-based readers, right?

Yes, with a nuance: this includes also Android based e-readers (I know one, from ArtaTech, a Polish company). Rather the exception than the norm.
>>> Otherwise render it to an image and include the image.
>> Warning; this is an accessibility killer.
> Yes indeed. But while standalone (non-browser-engine) readers offer little support, the options are limited.
MathML with a fallback image is a path forward. 

>>> Readers can't even display simple CSS correctly,
>> Again, a clear separation must be made between e-readers (which don't support CSS in all its splendor) and reading apps using browser engines.
> That too, but my concern is with e-readers which do not use browser engines.
This is the core of the issue: mixing Kindle (which stands alone in the middle of the room), EPUB e-readers with a specific rendering engine and reading apps based on browser engines. Discussion on each subject related to EPUB layout should be carefully split between these different categories.
> Peter
Best, Laurent

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