Re: Math formula and accordian

On 22/09/2019 13:58, Laurent Le Meur wrote:
> *MathML* support has also been discussed (again) last week at the W3C 
> TPAC in Japan.

That is excellent news, thank you.

> Any reading application that is based on the Webkit rendering engine or 
> supports the *Mathjax* library is able to display MathML. [...]


> [...] With such support we can expect next year good support on
> MathML on the Android and Windows platform.

But only in browser-engine-based readers, right?

> From what Igalia engineers told us last week, their work is mostly on
> presentation MathML.
 From what the mathematical community seems to say, that is what they 
use. I believe there are some people using semantic MathML, but for 
their research rather than for public consumption.

>> Otherwise render it to an image and include the image.
> Warning; this is an accessibility killer.

Yes indeed. But while standalone (non-browser-engine) readers offer 
little support, the options are limited.

>> The rendering in most readers is very poor, and the manufacturers are 
>> not interested in improving math.
> Maybe for e-readers (as most of them develop their own rendering engine 
> and choose their battles carefully), but as said above, not the case for 
> reading apps using browser engines.


>> Readers can't even display simple CSS correctly,
> Again, a clear separation must be made between e-readers (which don't 
> support CSS in all its splendor) and reading apps using browser engines.

That too, but my concern is with e-readers which do not use browser engines.

> *: for those who think Readium is only a web application: Readium is an 
> open-source initiative with multiple projects targeting mobile, desktop 
> and web platforms.

Thank you for the update.


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