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> Given the discussions we had so far on [1] and the recently  
> hints on an upcoming, and the number of increasing  
> initiatives asking for input from the group, we drafted a memo based  
> on the content of the Note that could serve as the group's 
> high level  
> advice on how to build any* site [3].

I'm really excited by this, but am a tiny bit confused. I can't reconcile the stated audience (governments building* sites) with the content, which appears to be aimed at agencies wanting to make their data available, presumably to be aggregated by such sites. (this is also needed, BTW)

Is this actually advice for* builders to pass on to contributing agencies? Have I missed something entirely? Would like to have this clarified before I make some edits.

> [1]
> [2] 
> 05/22/Information-and-how-to-make-it-useful.aspx
> [3]


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